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uth.Sarah had often gloried ▓in being a daughter of Israel, but never felt s▓o truly, so gratefully thankful for that holy p▓rivilege as she did when thinking over the histo▓ry of Abraham, and the promise


ma▓de to him and his descendants, in her lone▓ly journey, and feeling to the full the comfor▓t of the conviction that Abraham〃埊s God was hers. It was a dull▓ and dreary evening when Sarah● entered the great city of London.The● stage put her down

about hal▓f an hour’s walk from her destination,● and she proceeded on foot, follo●wed by a boy conveying her lit●tle luggage.She struggled hard to subdu●e the despondency again cree●ping over her, as she traversed t●he crowded streets, in which there ▓was not one to extend the hand▓ of kindly greeting.She felt a●lmost ashamed, though she could not define ●why, that the boy should see the low dark▓ alleys which she was obliged to tread before ●she could discover where her father now live

d, a●nd when she did reach it, she st●ood

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and hesitated before the door, as if th▓e house she sought could scarc●ely be there, it was such a wre●tched-looking place. Her timid knock was unh●eard, and the impatient porter voluntee●red a tap,


loud enough to bring many a● curious head to the other doors in● the alley, and hastily to open the ▓one wanted.A long curious stare greeted Sara▓h, from an old woman, repulsive in featur▓e and slovenly and dirty in dress, who to ●Sarah’s faltering question if Mr.Lev●ison lived there, somewhat harshly replied—▓ “Yes, to be sure he does; and who▓ may you be that wants him He is not at● home, whatever your business is.” ▓ “Did he not expect me, then I wrot▓e to say I should be with him to-ni▓ght,” answered Sarah, trying to ▓conquer the painful choking in ●her throat.“I thought he was too ill ▓to go out.” “Why, sure n

ow, you ca●nnot be his daughter!” was the reply, in a soft●ened tone, and the woman looked▓ at her with something very like pity.▓“Come in with you, then, if you really are Sara▓h Levison; send the boy away and c●ome in.” Trembling from a vari▓ety of feelings, Sarah mechanically obey●ed, giving the boy the customary fee ere she di▓scharged him; a proceeding which caused the wom●an to look at her with increa▓sing astonishment, and to exclaim,● when Sarah was fairly in th▓e dirty mise

rable room called● a parlour, “She can do

that too, and yet ▓she comes here.Sarah Levison, are you ●not a great fool” The poor girl▓ star

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ted, fairly bewildered by the ques●tion, and looked at her companion very ●much as if she thought she had▓ lost her wits.“A fool!” ●she repeated. “My good girl, yes.What h●ave you left a comfortable house and kind frie●nds, and perhaps a good business, for”● “To obey my father,” replied Sa●rah, simply.“Did he not


send to tell me he w●as ill, and wanted me; that he was no longer ▓t

he wealthy, prosperous man tha▓t he was, and I must l

abour for him now o▓r have I been decei

ved, and is it▓ all false,”

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